Framework for Consultation in Diverse Ecosystem

While being guided by the core principle, NETF shall operate through an approach of consultation with ecosystem actors in order to proliferate educational technology adoption and its impact. NETF shall foster a culture of collaboration and reusability in order for the ecosystem to reap network gains.

Consultation processes adhere to design and architecture of NDEAR to enable stakeholders around educational technology to co-create contextual solutions by leveraging a set of digital building blocks, aligned to the objectives of NDEAR, instead of offering a monolithic and uniform solution to everyone.

The Consultation processes are guided by the following principles:

  • Raise the Aspiration
  • Leverage Strength of Actors
  • Design for Equity & Inclusion
  • Identify Alternate Pathways
  • Be Data Driven
  • Promote Personalisation
  • Embed Accountability
  • Make Educational Technology Future Proof

Consultation or engagement shall be a continuous exercise with ecosystem actors broadly divided into the following categories of Users (Students, Teachers etc.), Providers (EdTech Companies, Service Providers etc.), Experts (Research Institutions, Thought Leaders etc.), Ecosystem (Accreditors, Employers).

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