Sandbox Environment

Integrate and validate your software systems by partnering with the NETF APIs.

Apply for Sandbox Integration

Who Can Enrol For Sandbox? NETF Sandbox Environment is for everyone in Education & Skilling

1 EdTech Companies
2 Higher Education Institutions (Research)
3 Entrepreneurs and Startups
4 Anyone who wants to build on NETF Open APIs

Sandbox Services

The Sandbox hosts the following digital building blocks that are useful for anyone who wants to create software services and products integrated with NETF services.

Ecosystem Sandbox Number Service and APIs

Create a sandbox Ecosystem Sandbox Number, integrate your software with the Ecosystem Sandbox Number APIs

Consent Manager and Gateway

Register your software to test link records and process education and skilling data consent requests

NETF Mobile Application (Android)

Manage your Ecosystem Sandbox Number, education and skilling Records and Consents

Education Ecosystem Information User App

Create consent requests for Ecosystem Sandbox Number

SandBox Process

Steps to integrate, test and launch with the help of Sandbox

  • 1

    Send Request

    Send us request to test your system with our sandbox environment

  • 2

    Get Access

    We will give you a key to access Sandbox environment and APIs

  • 3

    Integrate your APIs

    Integrate specific APIs for integration

  • 4

    Showcase to NETF

    Once your system is ready and tested, give a demo to NETF to get go ahead

  • 5


    Get certified and get empanelled in our network

  • 6

    Go Live

    Go to production and go live for real world!

Choose what...

Choose what describes you best to see how this platform can help you

1 Citizen – “Ecosystem Sandbox Number”
2 Tech Entrepreneur and Startups
3 NGOs and Philanthropists
3 Academicians and Researchers

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View and be part of discussions and conversations. Ask questions and get answers from people from the community